Born in West Palm Beach, Florida and partly raised there, MO and NY. I am a music artist who dives into the rock and hip-hop genres, along with their respective sub-genres. From slow, mellow and soft sounds integrated with a harsh twist to fast, distorted and high energy styles with brash flavors: I’d like to think of myself as one of the underground outcasts in the music world. Also I have a cool pet lizard.


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Sat, Jul 31noon-12:45 pmShianne Waxing Studio(part of Don't Worry, We'll Rock It Off!)
Thu, Aug 058-8:45 pmStreets of Buffalo (North and Elmwood Wondermoth You will hear the music)
Sat, Aug 07noon-12:45 pmBroadway Market (Garage)(part of Buffalo Infringement Festival Invades Broadway Market)