Artemis X

Artemisia Xene (Artemis X) is from the Buffalo area and resides in Egypt. Composer, guitarist, singer and producer of alternative music that has influences ranging from Nola Blues to Portishead, traditional Arabic and everything in between. (She also shoots and directs her own music videos.) Andy Ellis of Guitar Magazine compares her music and voice to Jeff Buckley and Dead Can Dance, as well as Leonard Cohen and Billie Holiday. Stage shows involve live guitar and vocals, movement and some mixing of studio tracks. Original songs are downtempo with a classical dissonance and catchy, ethereal melodies. Artemis also performs and a few reimagined covers in French and English, from Supertramp to Fleetwood Mac, Kate Bush, Bowie or Zaz.


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Fri, Aug 065-5:45 pmDuende at Silo City(part of Buffalo Infringement Happy Hour)