Katescamp Controlled Chaos With Acrylic Pouring

It's controlled chaos with acyclics on canvas at Spot Coffee on Hertel! It’s not just pouring paint, it’s all in controlling the canvas to make the chaos! Some bright and bold colors and very mesmerizing. I use tools to blow, swipe, pull, press, tilt and anything else I can think of to get the paint moving. I want to infringe with chaos! These are not only feel good paintings to look at but feel good paintings to make! I would love to talk to you about the process, show you how to paint one or I can make you a commissioned piece. I’ve made them very affordable so everyone can have a piece of local art. I’m trying to spread the good feeling around! This is my 8th year infringing.

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/Katescamp-Controlled-Chaos-With-Acrylic-Pouring-222498901980941


Thu, Jul 29installationSpot Coffee Hertel
Fri, Jul 30installationSpot Coffee Hertel
Sat, Jul 31installationSpot Coffee Hertel
Sun, Aug 01installationSpot Coffee Hertel
Mon, Aug 02installationSpot Coffee Hertel
Tue, Aug 03installationSpot Coffee Hertel
Wed, Aug 04installationSpot Coffee Hertel
Thu, Aug 05installationSpot Coffee Hertel
Fri, Aug 06installationSpot Coffee Hertel
Sat, Aug 07installationSpot Coffee Hertel
Sun, Aug 08installationSpot Coffee Hertel