Bryan Dubay

Bryan Dubay is a songwriter and producer that lives in Buffalo. He released his first album Grand Eternal Season in 2020. The album was a culmination of over 10 years of song writing. Bryan was able to accomplish a very rich soundscape as described in his review from Prism Reviews: "a bouncing, rolling bass; electronic waves; bells and subtle distortion; guitar work that noodled in all the right places; and intricate drum beats that made his record reminiscent of some of the best indie bands out there today."


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Sat, Jul 317-7:45 pmHostel Buffalo-Niagara(part of The Return of Chronic Electronic and Super Loopers)
Sun, Aug 012-2:45 pmElmwood Market(part of National Minority Donor Awareness Day Concert)
Wed, Aug 047-8 pmRevolution Gallery(part of The Folk Revolution Will Not Be Televised)