Bang Pow Zoom, Let's go to the Moon

For this program, the performers chose to take their cues from the landscapes of outer space which they artfully combine with the power and grace of aerial dance. The pieces are based on concepts such as altered time and space, celestial bodies, and possibilities of life elsewhere in the galaxy, and these concepts are expressed in movement that is a playful mixture of fierce, delicate, and quirky, all while defying gravity. B.A.D aerial performers train rigorously, typically several hours per week for at least 2 years in order gain the strength and skill needed to perform this challenging and dramatic form of dance. Aerialists typically choreograph their own individual performances, but collaborate with one another to create a cohesive program of intertwined solos, duets, and ensemble work. This program features performances on trapeze, aerial hoop, corde lisse, and aerial silks as well as the integration of aerial work with some dance and acrobatic ground work.


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Fri, Jul 304-5:30 pmDuende at Silo City