POV (point of view)

this painting is the POV of someone with anxiety and how much it impacts their life on a daily basis.


Thu, Jul 29installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Fri, Jul 30installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Sat, Jul 31installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Sun, Aug 01installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Mon, Aug 02installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Tue, Aug 03installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Wed, Aug 04installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Thu, Aug 05installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Fri, Aug 06installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Sat, Aug 07installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Sun, Aug 08installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara