Chaz & The Dazzlers

Chaz Hearne is a folk musician based out of Rochester, New York. Though the banjo may be his weapon of choice, he has also been known to wield the guitar, piano, violin and singing saw; all while singing with a voice of ethereal honey. His most recent collaboration, Chaz & The Dazzlers, is a 6 piece band with a style that ranges from intricate fingerpicked acoustic numbers to all-out rock anthems. Their music features thoughtful melodies, lush harmonies, and a barely restrained enthusiasm. In 2019, Chaz & The Dazzlers released Intelligence Is Rising; an optimistic mantra inspired by a trip visiting different national parks. NYS Music called it "an instant classic you’ll want to add to your playlist for your next back-to-nature road trip, or for anytime you need a breath of fresh air in your life" while Rochester City Paper described it as "directly descended from the atmospheric chamber pop, psychedelic, reverb-drenched indie rock, and neo-folk revival of the last 20 years."


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Sun, Aug 081-1:45 pmHolly Farms Parking Lot(part of Megafringe at Holly Farms)