Spring 2021: In bloom

This work displays current fashion trends that are made out of all used fabrics and materials, showing that it's possible to purchase and wear all of the new trends without contributing to fast fashion. The fast fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, second to the oil industry. This is from businesses dumping untreated toxic wastewaters in to rivers, the mass consumption of water to create cotton, pollution from chemical fertilizers, and more. A solution to this is requiring businesses to produce clothes in countries with stricter environmental regulations, which in turn also prevents exploitation and fast fashion worldwide. I encourage individuals to discuss this issue, and also quit consuming in businesses that exploit workers and pollute for their products. Besides promoting slow-fashion, this collection exhibits my growth in sewing techniques, and my love of pretty and flowery articles of clothing and statement items.

Social media: @kimmy_stitches


Fri, Jul 30installationBison Botanics
Sat, Jul 319-9:30 pmMohawk Place(part of Sexy Silly Saturday)