Since 1990, Nod has churned out its own original, free-form, first-take, musings, using traditional rock instruments as a base sound with repeated forays into free-noise with horns, keys, synths, etc. While a Nod show is unpredictable, most will involve some Stooges and Sonic Youth-inspired rock, which will veer off unpredictably into space and noise. Nod's recorded output over the past 30-plus years includes releases on Steve Shelley's (of Sonic Youth) Smells Like Records, self-releases, and recent releases on Rochester's Carbon Records. A Nod show can be an experience in unpredictability, but it will always rock. Their most recent releases, So Much Tonight (Carbon) and Band Room Janitors (Carbon), sum up their long career together well. So Much Tonight rocks like an old engine with fresh oil and new plugs, and Band Room Janitors (inspired, the liner notes tell us, by a mythic meeting with a sub-underground trio of freeform instrumentalists called the Band Room Janitors) is full-on, way out, weirdo freejazz, replete with synths, strange and distant vocals, solo horns, etc. etc. etc...Nod is an acquired taste, but boy, once you get the taste, you can't get enough.


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Sun, Aug 086-6:45 pmHolly Farms Parking Lot(part of Megafringe at Holly Farms)