Hooked on Casiophonics

Hooked on Casiophonics is a live a Hip-Hop/EDM/New Jack Swing/Soul 4 piece band. With their risky yet fun music, Hooked on Casiophonics continues to push the button with music like "Hey Pam!", "Dance Floor", Hip-Hop tracks like "Doin' it (with the R)", "Drop it, Pop it, Back it Up", "Hump Me", "Sex-Maniac", and more! A great ensemble to get and keep the party pumpin'!

Website: soundcloud.com/pam-swarts

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/hookedoncasiophonics


Sat, Jul 315-5:45 pmNickel City Housing Cooperative: Ol'Wondermoth(part of Lawn Disco)
Sun, Aug 08midnight-12:30 amNietzsche's (Front Stage)(part of Closing Ceremonies)