Weird Sh!t We Found On The Ground

A 50 cent toy machine filled with weird shit we found on the ground, and also things that fit in the plastic toy bubbles. You get what you get.

Social media: /buffaloblueblouse


Thu, Jul 29installationNietzsche's
Fri, Jul 30installationRustbelt Books
Sat, Jul 31installationRustbelt Books
Sun, Aug 01installationRustbelt Books
Mon, Aug 02installationRustbelt Books
Tue, Aug 03installationRustbelt Books
Wed, Aug 04installationRustbelt Books
Thu, Aug 05installationRustbelt Books
Fri, Aug 06installationRustbelt Books
Sat, Aug 07installationRustbelt Books
Sun, Aug 08installationRustbelt Books