The Years Of Spring

Ezra Echo explores the glory of spring in this series, pastel colors and thick layers of paint tell a story about growth, newness and rebirth. The story of a transgender artist navigating this world through the healing means of art, finding themself and building relationships in a new world.

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Thu, Jul 29installationRustbelt Books
Fri, Jul 30installationRustbelt Books
Sat, Jul 31installationRustbelt Books
Sun, Aug 01installationRustbelt Books
Mon, Aug 02installationRustbelt Books
Tue, Aug 03installationRustbelt Books
Wed, Aug 04installationRustbelt Books
Thu, Aug 05installationRustbelt Books
Fri, Aug 06installationRustbelt Books
Sat, Aug 07installationRustbelt Books
Sun, Aug 08installationRustbelt Books