Pocket Vinyl

Pocket Vinyl is a 4 piece band consisting of piano, bass, drums, and live painting. Described as "piano slam rock", they have a painter on each show create a work of art on stage which is auctioned off afterwards to the highest bidder. Every painting is 100% unique. They have released many albums joyful albums about death, stillness, sexuality, and hope. In 2017 they released the documentary "Drive. Play. Sleep." chronicling what it's like to be a full time DIY touring musician, which is now streaming on Amazon Prime. In 2019, they beat the world record for "Playing a Concert in Each of the 50 States in the Fastest Amount of Time." They have created nearly 1000 paintings on stage. They would like to be considered for the position of your new favorite band, if you're willing.

Website: www.pocketvinyl.com

Social media: www.facebook.com/pocketvinyl, www.instagram.com/pocketvinyl


Sat, Jul 3110-10:45 pmMilkies Elmwood Lounge(part of Pretty As A Picture)
Sun, Aug 016:30-7:30 pmHostel Buffalo-Niagara(part of Drive. Listen. Play. Watch. Sleep.)