Lil Dame

Nigerian-American rapper Lil Dame integrates the trendy sounds of modern-day hip-hop with his own unique, youthful, moody energy. Grabbing influences from left-of-center hip-hop to Bling-Era rap music, the rising artist presents a rap style and presence that thrives in versatility. Whether he’s spitting laidback, melodic rhymes or a charismatic 16-bar, the conscious rapper creatively executes with his sharp, signature annunciation. Gaining gradual attention for his standout debut project The Limelight in the Fall of 2019 and following EPs Head over Hills and The Prelude in 2020, Lil Dame’s infectious hooks and vulnerable wordplay has major potential mainstream appeal.


Social media: Lil Dame/linked2success/Linked2success_


Sat, Jul 31noon-12:30 pmNickel City Housing Cooperative: Ol'Wondermoth(part of Lawn Disco)