16 Clouds

Visiting juvenile fantasies which come into fruition & out of focus across time. Mixed media art with themes in clouds, flowers and dreams.


Thu, Jul 29installationBison Botanics
Fri, Jul 30installationBison Botanics
Fri, Jul 307-10 pmBison Botanics(part of Gallery Opening at Bison Botanics)
Sat, Jul 31installationBison Botanics
Sun, Aug 01installationBison Botanics
Mon, Aug 02installationBison Botanics
Tue, Aug 03installationBison Botanics
Wed, Aug 04installationBison Botanics
Thu, Aug 05installationBison Botanics
Fri, Aug 06installationBison Botanics
Sat, Aug 07installationBison Botanics
Sun, Aug 08installationBison Botanics