Definitely Art!

Definitely Art! Often I find myself walking through our fair city and coming across a nice collection of garbage, an electrical box with interesting remnants of fliers, a particularly sculptural tree, a tacky lawn ornament, an iridescent pool of car fluid on the street, etc. and I think to myself "definitely art." This is an invitation to share in these accidental (or maybe purposeful but unconventional) artworks by either labeling it with a sticker or stick a placard in front of your find to alert others to the visual art that surrounds us every day.Take a picture and use the #definitelyartBIF2021 on Instagram so that people can search and find your piece! Art is whatever we want it to be and it doesn't have to be curated by anyone other than ourselves. Labels available for pick up at Frank E Merriweather Library, Golden Hour Treats & Things, Intersection Cafe, Khari’s Cafe, Revolver Records, Rust Belt Books, and Sunshine Vegan Eats.


Thu, Jul 29installationStreets of Buffalo
Fri, Jul 30installationStreets of Buffalo
Sat, Jul 31installationStreets of Buffalo
Sun, Aug 01installationStreets of Buffalo
Mon, Aug 02installationStreets of Buffalo
Tue, Aug 03installationStreets of Buffalo
Wed, Aug 04installationStreets of Buffalo
Thu, Aug 05installationStreets of Buffalo
Fri, Aug 06installationStreets of Buffalo
Sat, Aug 07installationStreets of Buffalo
Sun, Aug 08installationStreets of Buffalo