Meg Stepka

Meg Stepka is a multimedia artist with a long history of creating and producing art of all kinds. Heavily grounded in music, Meg performs as a solo artist and as a full band, crafting avant garde folk music and psychedelic rock. As her career has progressed, Meg has begun taking more risks and pushing boundaries both exterior and within herself, elevating stories and metaphors to transcend barriers and reach hearts and spirits. She has created multimedia performance art, taken leadership roles in Cleveland Oh based fringe festivals, and launched various projects to help create opportunities for others to share their stories and be heard, seen, and counted. Meg focuses heavily on creating connections and building community, and believes that only by working together can we ever truly change the world.


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Fri, Jul 3010-10:45 pmMilkies Elmwood Lounge(part of Swampy Psychadelics)