all that g(litter)s

There is a lot of plastic littered about, lets repurpose it into some cool art stuffs! I have picked up select trash items from a day at the beach and a walk in the park, sanitized them, and curated them into small collections- all they need is for you to pick one up and make something awesome out of it! There will be kits available for pickup at Frank E Merriweather Library, Golden Hour Treats & Things, intersection Cafe, Khari’s Cafe, Revolver Records, Rust Belt Books, and Sunshine Vegan Eats.Want to sew masks into a decorative hanging plant holder? Make a mosaic out of tiny pieces of plastic? Fill a glove with multicolored glass beads and shine an LED through it? Hot glue everything to a posterboard and call it a day? Do it up! At the end of the week you can enjoy your piece from the privacy of your own home, post a picture of it for all of your adoring internet friends/strangers to compliment, or bring it to our outdoor art show and see what other people made! All that glitters is not gold, but all that litters maybe could be up-cycled into something aesthetically interesting? #i'mnoshakespeare


Sat, Aug 07noon-4 pmErie County Library Central Branch(part of National Play Outside Day Celebration)