Lawn Disco

Annual outdoor dance party! Fun and appropriate for all ages. Chairs, Blankets and Hula Hoops allowed.

at Nickel City Housing Cooperative: Ol'Wondermoth


Sat, Jul 31noon-12:30 pmLil Dame
Sat, Jul 31noon-12:30 pmEl the Mime
Sat, Jul 3112:30-1 pmLoncé The Starr
Sat, Jul 311-1:45 pmJay Aquarious
Sat, Jul 312-2:45 pmAncient Spaceship
Sat, Jul 313-3:45 pmMeg & the Magnetosphere
Sat, Jul 314-4:45 pmSoular Plexus
Sat, Jul 315-5:45 pmHooked on Casiophonics
Sat, Jul 316-7:45 pmBloodthirsty Vegans
Sat, Jul 318-9 pmLazy Ass Destroyer