Buffalo Infringement Festival Invades Broadway Market

Taking place on the first floor is the world of folk art where many singers and performers will be jamming out. Moving through the second floor of the parking garage enters the realm of hip-hop and experimental music. The third floor of this adventure holds an epic dance party on the roof with various dance groups performing. Bring your friends and family to join the ride!

at Broadway Market


Sat, Aug 07noon-12:45 pmAdithri (Garage)
Sat, Aug 07noon-1 pmCapo II (Roof)
Sat, Aug 07noon-12:45 pmKing Medicine (lobby)
Sat, Aug 071-1:15 pmExpressive Bro (garage)
Sat, Aug 071-1:45 pmNo Time To Think (Lobby)
Sat, Aug 071:15-2 pmNeetchy (roof)
Sat, Aug 071:15-2 pmJay Bandzz (Garage)
Sat, Aug 072-2:45 pmSardine (lobby)
Sat, Aug 072-2:45 pmLil Drexxu and Lil beast (Garage)
Sat, Aug 072:15-2:45 pmUber_E / Windy Gang Productions (Roof)
Sat, Aug 073-3:45 pmauxcab (lobby)
Sat, Aug 073-3:45 pmMonochord orchestra (Garage)
Sat, Aug 073-3:45 pmJay Aquarious (roof)
Sat, Aug 074-5 pmSVTOKO聡子 (Roof)
Sat, Aug 074-4:45 pmDaze ago (Lobby)
Sat, Aug 074-4:15 pmNubia The Artist (Garage)