Open Busking

Bring your favorite guitar, ukulele, recorder or just your voice. Open Performance on the streets of Buffalo. (Note: Make sure you have a busking license -- they cost something like $12 at Town Hall)


Fri, Jul 301-4 pmThe Intersection
Fri, Jul 304-7 pmAllentown Music
Sun, Aug 011-4 pmAllentown Pizza
Sun, Aug 014-7 pmAllentown Music
Tue, Aug 032-5 pmBurning Books
Tue, Aug 036-8 pmDays Park
Wed, Aug 042-5 pmBurning Books
Wed, Aug 044-8 pmScoop Shop
Thu, Aug 053-5 pmPaw Prints by Penny
Thu, Aug 056-8 pmDays Park
Fri, Aug 064-7 pmDays Park
Fri, Aug 066-8 pmShianne Waxing Studio